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Stage V Nonroad Emission Standards

Stage V is coming and Foley Power Solutions is ready.

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Emissions standards are evolving and growing more complex, with more regional variation and requirements. We’re focused on using our experience and global and regional development capability to deliver core engine platforms with modular emissions options.

Proven Technology

Caterpillar has long been in the forefront of emissions-reduction technology. Engines below 19 kW have a simple, mechanical fuel injection. Other engines are equipped with a combination of electronic, fuel, air, and aftertreatment components based on engine size, type of application, and where in the world it will work. You have high expectations. Our goal is to meet them – with quality and value in products, performance, reliability, and support.

The Simple Route to Stage V

Our full range of engines is developed to meet Stage V, from the 2-cylinder 0.5 L right up to a 12-cylinder 32 L. This range will meet emission standards while offering real value to original equipment manufacturers and their customers.

But great products are only part of the story. By working with Foley Power Solutions, you’ll gain access to world-class engineering expertise to support your new product development programs. Your success is ensured when you deliver reliable, integrated solutions to your customers.

Beginning with the C2.8, C3.6, C9.3B, and C13 ACERT™ engines, Cat industrial engines will all meet Stage V emission standards, and they’ll be ready when you are.

Cat Industrial Engines Ready for Stage V


Cat Stage V Engines

Eight Reasons to Choose Cat Engines:

  1. Reduce business complexity with one supplier for your whole power range.
  2. One installation for multiple markets, with full support from the global Cat dealer network.
  3. Excellent power and torque density focused on value per kW (hp).
  4. Support at each step of development with technical information, prototype hardware, and fully validated production engines.
  5. Fuel and DEF consumption optimized to the duty cycles of nonroad equipment in the field.
  6. Proven dependability in real-world operating conditions, with an entire range of engines designed for challenging off-highway conditions.
  7. Unrivaled experience in bringing new technology to production – year after year, worldwide, for every application, and with countless hours run.
  8. System Integration – flexibility in power ratings, aftertreatment, engine software, and factory-delivered installation options.

Ready for Anything

By supporting your engine and operations, the Cat dealer network protects your relationship with your customers. A market-leading warranty, common service tooling and parts stock coverage, industry-leading parts availability, cost-saving Reman options, and Cat Certified Rebuild programs all help keep performance high and costs low. Extended Service Contracts, Customer Support Agreements and fleet management options are also available.

We’re built for your success.