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power rentalDoes your business go on when the power goes out?  Foley Equipment provides integrated industrial solutions and portable genset rental for all your electric power needs, offering a full range of products and services to help you solve any challenge.

Portable Power Generator Rentals

Whether you are dealing with an emergency or planning in advance, the equipment has to be there when you need it. Foley Equipment Power Solutions offers complete portable generator systems for special events, planned and emergency outages, utility installations, parallel load sharing or peak shaving.

We Rent (click the product name to view specs):

Diesel Power Portable Generator Sets

XQ20, XQ30, XQ35KVA, XQ45, XQ60XQ60KVA, XQ80, XQ100, XQ125KVA, XQ175, XQ200, XQ230, XQ350T4i, XQ375 Tier 4F, XQ400, XQ425KVA, XQ500T4i, XQ570KVA, XQ800APS, XQ800T4i, XQ1000, XQ1000APS-A, XQ1500, XQ2000

Natural Gas Portable Generator Sets

XQ135G, XQ400G, XQ550G, XQ1250G, XQ1475G, XQ5200 Turbine

Loadbanks for Testing

3.3 MVA Resistive/Reactive Loadbank
100 KW Freedom Load Bank

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