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Issue No. 1, Volume 1
May, 2019


Foley Engineering Conference

Foley Power Solutions is hosting our 11th Annual Engineering Conference on Wednesday, May 15 at our Kansas City location, and also on Thursday, May 16 at our Wichita location.  There is still room available, please CLICK HERE to register.  There is no cost to attend, and attendees will receive up to six Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that may be used to show continuing professional development as required by many states for your Professional Engineering license. 

The conference will focus on power generation concepts, products, applications and current industry standards. 

Agenda:  8:00 – 3:30pm (Kansas City, 5/15/19 and Wichita, 5/16/19)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Dave Dobbins, PE Consulting/Systems Engineer, 816-753-5300,



Caterpillar Introduces C18 Power Density 750kW Generator Set

Cat C18

Here is the situation. Your building loads have increased and you have an aging generator system with limited room to expand.  Foley Power Solution has a hospital customer with this exact problem.  How did we resolve the issue?  Caterpillar recently expanded the kW capacity of the C18 generator set to 750kW, providing more power with a smaller footprint.  In fact, the footprint is over 25% smaller than competitive units.  Plus, with a smaller footprint, installation costs for a smaller pad and crane/rigging can be realized. 

Designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life, the C18 Power Density has been fully tested and validated to ensure outstanding performance in all applications, installing confidence with industry leading warranty as standard. 

Cat has released Power Density models for generator sets at 750kW, 1250kW, 1750kW and 2750kW in the past year.  Contact Foley Power Solutions for more information. 

To see a short (2:13) video and learn more about the new C18 750kW generator, please click here:




There is no specific rating that is pre-approved by the Uptime Institute. The UTI requirements essentially stipulate a product must be capable of operating “continuously” for the duration of any utility outage for a specific project installation. It is important to note that this does not indicate a “continuous” rating is required. Similarly, a prime rated product is not even needed. Our Standby product rating definitions allow for power to be available during the duration of an outage. As a result, Caterpillar has an approved process to offer any of our ratings to meet UTI requirements.  While some competitors have tried to create an advantage by pushing a prime rated product to the marketplace (Cummins DCC), Caterpillar strongly believes that a Standby rated product is the correct product selection and best value for most Mission Critical customers.


Addition of noise levels of two or more sources are the logarithmic additions. Following is the rule of thumb for arriving at a quick answer. But we propose a scientific calculation while providing guarantees for noise levels by carrying out Room acoustic study.

To add two or more noise levels in the free field conditions, if the difference between the highest and next highest noise levels, add the values from the graph to the higher level to the total noise level.

(Reference from Noise guide for local Government)



Foley Power Solutions will be supporting the following events.  Please connect with us!

May 2-3:  7x24 Midwest Data Center Conference

May 8, 9, 10:  Kansas Municipal Utilities Conference

May 10:  IES Spring Golf Tournament, Wichita

May 14:  Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers Meeting, Topeka

May 15:  Foley Power Solutions Engineering Seminar, Kansas City

May 16:  Foley Power Solutions Engineering Seminar, Wichita

May 23:  Electric League of KS and MO Spring Golf

June 12:  Kansas Healthcare Engineers Benefit, Salina

June 13:  Black & Veatch Renewables Outing

June 18:  Clean Energy Business Council KS Energy Program

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