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Foley Hybrid Energy Solution

Committed to sustainable energy and savings on energy bills, Foley Equipment built a Cat® Microgrid on the roof our Kansas City location in the early Spring of 2018. Working with Cromwell Solar, we installed over 1,500 CAT-branded thin-film solar panels to produce 172kW of power, about one-third of the building’s energy use. The solar array is currently the largest, on-site solar installation for a commercial business in Kansas City, Mo., and is projected to pay for itself in five years.

Reduce Costs with Solar

“With solar energy now 74 percent less expensive than five years ago, we are confident that going solar is the right decision,“ said James Kerschinske, Power Solutions Sales Manager. “Commercial businesses are always searching for more way to reduce costs and stay competitive, and solar is a proven cost cutter.”

The Cat Microgrid is designed to stand alone or integrate with your current generators, on or off-grid designs, and energy storage systems through the patented Caterpillar Microgrid Controller. Foley Power Solutions can provide the Cat Microgrid Suite with any combination of the following elements:
- Cat solar modules that capture more energy with Cat warranty,
- Energy storage such as ultracapacitors and lithium-ion batteries provide economical and advanced energy storage,
- Cat generators offer high power density, high-part load efficiencies and excellent capability to follow loads, and when paired with the Cat Microgrid Master Controller, will optimize power usage in the microgrid.

Foley Equipment is proud to be at the forefront of the power generation industry in leading renewable energy solutions. Contact us (link to CONTACT US PAGE) today to learn more about our installation, and how we can provide a microgrid solution for your company.