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Customer Value Agreements

engine maintenanceCustomized To Fit Your Business Needs
Customer Value Agreements are customized to fit your business needs, your equipment and your applications. We analyze how you work, where you work and the extent of your service capabilities to determine the Plan that is right for you.

Foley offers three basic plans to which options can be added based on your specific needs:

Basic Plan

This plan includes the required liquid filters, oil and oil samples for you to perform services at 250 hour intervals.

Plus Plan

This plan provides the customer with the required filters, oil and samples to complete the 250 and 500 hour service intervals while Foley will provide the required filters, oil, samples and the labor to perform the 1,000 hour services and complete a comprehensive machine inspection.

Ultimate Plan

Foley provides all of the required liquid filters, oil, samples and labor at each service interval. This includes a comprehensive machine inspection at every 1,000 hour service intervals plus a basic inspection with the other Foley performed service intervals.

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