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Engine powerPower For The Oil & Gas Industry

Performance as specialized as the work you do. No segment of the petroleum industry presents quite the same set of challenges, opportunities and essential skills as oil well servicing. Desert heat. Bitter cold. Endless variables beyond your control. It's a high-pressure business, full of unique applications and circumstances.

Cat engines are just as specialized. They provide outstanding reliability across a wide range of available horsepower. They can run on almost any fuel (diesel, crude, natural gas, propane, or almost any field gas), and meet the toughest worldwide emissions standards.

Pump, mixer or blender engines...Foley offers a full line of reliable, high-performance engines. You need power for so many different applications, why not get all your engines from the same source…Foley Power Solutions.

For any oil and gas application, count on Foley Power Solutions to meet your needs with Cat® engines, enclosures, generators, radiators, controls and transmissions. Our oil & gas applications include:

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