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Engine Rebuild Center

Park City Rebuild Center

In response to increased customer need for quality engine rebuilds, Foley Equipment Company opened its 127,000 sq. ft. Foley Rebuild Center in Park City, Kansas – just north of Wichita. The facility provides complete services for engine, hydraulic and component rebuilds. Boasting Cat's Five-Star Contamination Control rating which ensures the rebuild environment is clean, the facility also offers a particularly powerful precision testing instrument: a new 5,000 horsepower engine dyno-cell, the first of its kind in the nation from a Cat dealer.

All engine rebuilds undergo a series of performance tests to ensure you get the power, performance and quality you expect.

Foley Equipment is the site of the first installation of a 5,000 H.P. dynomometer, of which there are only a handful nationally.  Among Cat dealers, Foley was the first to dyno test a G3600 Series engine.  In addition to the 5,000 H.P. dyno, Foley also has a 1,500 H.P. dyno.


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