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Compressed Air Rentals

air compressorsFoley Equipment's knowledge of compressed air allows us to provide our customers with specific cfm, psig or dew point requirements for any application. Portable compressor packages provide reliable, clean, dry air. All air compressor rental units deliver low-cost air at any flow and pressure for the ultimate in flexibility, whether you need Oil-Free, Instrument-Quality or Oil-Flooded units.

Our air compressor rental units suit virtually any construction or industrial purpose. We also offer aftercooled and filtered (AF) systems for applications that need clean, instrument-quality air. AF technology uses two filter stages to trap particles down to 0.01 micron. You get air virtually free of aerosols, particulate and other contaminants, meeting or exceeding ISO 8573-1: Class 1.7.1 standards. A separate desiccant dryer can deliver dry air down to -40°F.

Air compressor rental packages from Foley Equipment Power Solutions provide reliable, clean, dry and oil-free air for almost any application. Spiral-drive and rotary screw compressors, powered by reliable fuel-efficient Cat diesel engines or high efficiency electric drives, deliver low-cost air at almost any flow and pressure for the ultimate in flexibility.

We Rent (click the product name to view specs):

Diesel Instrument Quality Air

185cfm at 125psi
375cfm at 150psi
400cfm at 200psi
900cfm at 150psi After-Cooled & Filtered
900HAF iT4 Family - 600H to 1050H
900cfm at 200psi
1600cfm at 150psi After-Cooled & Filtered

HAF Instrument Quality Air

Diesel High Pressure (250 & 500psi) & After Cooled Air

900cfm at 500psi or 1150cfm at 350psi After-Cooled
900XHHA-1159XHA iT4 - 900/1150 cfm 500/350 psi

Electric Air Compressors

Sullair TSR 20 Electric Air Compressor
Sullair TSR 32 Electric Air Compressor
Sullair E 900H Electric Air Compressor

Oil Free Air Electric & Diesel

DE18 - DR13 Brochure
DE18 Oil Free Diesel Air Compressor
DR13 Oil Free Electric Air Compressor

Regenerative Dryer & Filter Package

RDHL Series Dryer

Download Cat Trust The Air Experts Brochure


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