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Temperature Control Rentals

Temperature Control Rentals

Foley Power Solutions is a specialist in temperature control applications including heating, cooling and dehumidification. Chillers, air conditioners, cooling towers heaters and dehumidifers from Foley Equipment Power Solutions can help you through power failures, maintenance shutdowns, seasonal demand peaks, or summer waves.

Foley Equipment Power Solutions offers a range of solutions for specific environmental control, including:

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Air Cooled Chillers Spec Sheets

OC 50
OC 100
OC 150
OC 207
OC 230
OC 300
OC 477
OC 525

Chiller Pumps

10 HP Pump
15 HP Pump
25 HP Pump

Portable Air Conditioning Spec Sheets

10 Ton AC
12 Ton AC
20 Ton AC
30 Ton AC
30 Ton AC Heater Attachment
80 Ton AC
Dehumidifier Cat 5000
Industrial HVAC Ducting

Portable Heaters

Ground Thaw Heater
Heat King HK300 Ground Thaw Heater

Direct Fired Heaters
Natural Gas / Propane:
600,000 BTU Make Up Air Heater
After Burner 700,000 BTU
After Burner 2,000,000 BTU

Electric Heaters
15kW - 30kW Heaters / Maxi Heater
150kW Heater
150kW Heater Attachment

Indirect Fired Heaters
Frost Fighter 500,000 BTU (Diesel/Kerosene)
Maxi Heater 1,000,000 BTU (Diesel)
Indirect Fired Heater - 2000 (Natural Gas)
Torqued Heat (Flameless/Ground Thaw)


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